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Sunday, May 17, 2020

12:06 AM

Top 10 highest paid Footballers in 2020

While it’s impossible to list all the great players at the World Cup this year, here’s a list of Top 10 Paid Footballers you should definitely make time to watch play.

1) Lionel Messi, Argentina

Lionel Messi is arguably the best player in the world, and has been named so five times since 2008. Messi is the highest paid player in the world and makes around €130 million, after taxes annually. 

He is followed by his career rival Cristiano Ronaldo who makes €113 million after taxes. The Argentine international extended his contract last year with Barcelona. 

It will keep him at the Camp Nou until 2021 and sees him getting paid a whopping £500,000.
But one title has eluded him on his quest to become the best player ever: the World Cup trophy. 
They are known to loyal fans, have lost four straight finals in major competitions, including that World Cup final defeat.

2) Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal

Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo is Messi’s nemesis, for lack of a better word. Since 2008, Ronaldo was named the world’s best soccer player the other five times Messi didn’t win the award.
Ronaldo also wants to stake his claim as the best player ever, and he has an advantage in that he captained Portugal to the European championship in 2016. But Portugal has a tough draw against Spain early on and a difficult road to the final, should the team progress out of the group stage.
Cristiano Ronaldo, who recently swapped Real Madrid for Juventus in the headline transfer last summer has taken a slight pay-cut in wishing to join the Italian giants. Ronaldo is currently on a huge €32 million a year contract. His last contract worth Real Madrid saw him earning £360,000 a week!

3) Neymar, Brazil

There is already talk that the 26-year-old striker is better than Messi and Ronaldo, and leading Brazil to the 2018 World Cup title could confirm that his star is ascending as the others’ dim. 
It is also believed that Neymar receives the fattest salary check from his club among footballers.
He became the world’s most expensive player last year after Barcelona sold him to Paris-Saint Germain for around $262 million. 
Neymar wanted to leave, in part, to get out of Messi’s shadow in Barcelona.

4) Mo Salah, Egypt

Egypt’s Mo Salah took the soccer world by storm in 2017 and seemingly came out of nowhere to become one of the planet’s best players.

He’ll cap off a remarkable year by leading his country to its first World Cup in 28 years. Salah has fantastic speed, pinpoint passing ability, and unnatural coolness in front of goal. If Egypt is to have any success.

But Salah actually injured his shoulder just a few weeks before the tournament, which means he may miss a game or not be at full fitness. 

5) Kevin De Bruyne, Belgium

Belgium’s Kevin De Bruyne will look to make an immediate impact for Belgium.

Belgium is chock-full of talent, but De Bruyne stands out among them all. A pure attacking midfielder who consistently makes passes that lead to a goal, the 26-year-old will orchestrate Belgium’s attack.

De Bruyne is already a well-known player among soccer fans, but the World Cup is where he could take the next step to become a globally recognized superstar.

6) Son Heung-min, South Korea

South Korea doesn’t have a great chance of going deep at the World Cup, but Son Heung-min is reason enough to watch “the Reds” play in Russia.

Lovingly referred to as “Sonaldo” by his fans, the 25-year-old is arguably the best player to come out of Asia in years. He is quick and has a penchant for scoring, which is good since South Korea will look to him for the majority of its goals.

7) Sadio Mane, Senegal

If Senegal is to have any chance of competing for the World Cup title, it’ll need amazing performances from Sadio Mane. Luckily, Mane churns out amazing performances on a consistent basis.

He almost singlehandedly brought Senegal to the tournament with myriad goals and assists. His team will once again look to get him the ball in attack once the World Cup starts.

While soccer fans agree that Mane is a superb talent, few would consider him among the game’s truly elite. But if he continues his excellent play in Russia, Mane may finally take that step into soccer superstardom.

8) Thomas Müller, Germany

The numbers speak for themselves: Germany’s Thomas Müller has scored 10 World Cup goals in his career. That ties him for eighth most in history.

Müller is an outstanding player and goal scorer, but he kicks it into hyperdrive during the World Cup. He scored five goals in both 2010 and 2014, making him only the third player in history to score that many goals in two World Cups.

He isn’t a flashy player but he’s cool in attack and serves as an engine for the team. He was a huge reason why Germany won its fourth World Cup title in 2014, and Germany has a good chance of repeating as champions.

9) Alex Iwobi, Nigeria

One of the most exciting young players to watch at the World Cup will be Nigeria’s Alex Iwobi.

The 21-year-old forward has only improved since he scored in his first senior professional game two years ago. Iwobi may not be the most important player for Nigeria, but he’ll certainly remain a key one nonetheless.

However, Nigeria is stuck in a group with Argentina, Croatia, and Iceland. It’s a long shot for the “Super Eagles” to go deep in the tournament. 

10) Keylor Navas, Costa Rica

Don’t forget the goalies! Costa Rica’s Keylor Navas has already proven he can play on the biggest stage: He was one of the breakout performers in the 2014 World Cup and has reliably played for Real Madrid since.

He’s quick to meet attackers off the line, has blazing-fast reflexes, and consistently makes impossible-looking saves. However, he’s somewhat unreliable on corner kicks, occasionally missing the ball when he tries to catch a cross in the air.

Simply put, if Costa Rica is to do well in Russia, Navas will have to play lights out.

Monday, May 11, 2020

8:58 AM

9 Best Lightweight Alternatives To PUBG For Android

PUBG is undoubtedly one of the best and most popular games on Google Play Store. It is on the top list of every gamer who loves to play online multiple player battle royale games on mobile phone. But, the biggest problem behind not installing PUBG is its size. It’s almost 2GB in size and so most people dare to install it.

1. Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is an online multi player survival shooter game with realistic and smooth graphics. Its fast and lite gameplay allows you make a 4 player squad with in-game voice chat to interact with each other throughout the game.

In Garena Free Fire after every 10 minute game places you on a remote island where you are pit against 49 other players. It is one of the excellent lightweight alternatives to PUBG.

2. Knives Out- No Rules, Just Fight!

Knives Out is another battlefield game and a good alternative to PUBG. It has three maps and many gameplay modes. The only problem is that it takes little more time in loading at startup or may be it happened only with me.

It has five players in a group, a hundred players in a battle working with teammates to live to the end. If you are bored of PUBG and looking for a best lightweight alternative, give this one a try. Jump into the ever-tightening arena and to be the last one standing.

3. Battle Royale 3D – Warrior63

Battle Royale 3D is a cool and pretty decent battle royale game. It is lite in size so it can be another good lightweight alternative to PUBG. Handling is good and graphics are also too good. The only problem with this game is its speed, its running speed is slow.

This game is little similar to PUBG, a player has airdrop to battlefield and has to search for weapons and resources. You have to defeat the every opponents to be the last man standing.

4. Hopeless Land: Fight For Survival

Hopeless Land: Fight For Survival is very royal and fabulous battle shooting game containing many designed guns and cars. It’s having too good graphics and a map just like PUBG. It support 121 players fight in one fatal survival game at same time.

The main problem with this game is hacking, other opponents use cheat codes while playing. And it is very annoying for a player who wants a fair game. But nonetheless it is an amazing battle survival game and definitely one of the best alternatives to PUBG.

5. FightNight Battle Royale

FightNight is a dynamic battle royale shooter game. It has three separate game modes- solo, team and zombie battle. FightNight has a variety of characters, tons of different skins and heroes.

It has more than 20 weapons types to choose from and also a huge map which is filled with unique nooks, crannies and structure to hide out in and take over. FightNight sometime faces a crash issue, but other than this be sure that this game will give you one of the best battlefield experience.

6. Black Survival

Black Survival is a real-time PvP survival game aims to be a fair and competitive without pay to win elements. There are over 35 kinds of different characters to choose from and a total of 7 weapon types. This is a real time survival game played by 10 people on a desert island.

It has great graphics and a unique storyline as compared to other battle styled games. Black Survival also have some issues like connecting and speed but the developer is constantly working on them.

7. Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth is a survival shooter game where player fights to survive in the zombie world. It is one of the best survival games on the Android play store. This challenging survival game consumes a little more time and also it is difficult here to get a decent base, however who likes things too easy?

In this game there are plenty of places to explore, things to craft and finding fuzzy wriggly puppies is always exciting. If you are survival game lover or looking for a lightweight PUBG alternative then you must play this game once.

8. ScarFall: The Royale Combat

ScarFall battle royale is online & offline shooting game with survival challenge. It is a multiplayer game with strategic play, works best on online mode. ScarFall has splendid 3D graphics with highly loaded weaponry and vast environments.

However, the game sometime faces the issue of lagging and connecting to the net in online multiplayer mode. Over the less it is a decent survival game which worth a try.

9. Critical Strike CS

Critical Strike CS is a fast-paced modern multiplayer FPS counter terrorist game. It has AAA quality modern graphics with easy controls. The game has total 6 maps to try different tactics. Critical Strike has a total of 25 weapon types.

It has various game mode like – team vs team battle, free for all, defuse the bomb, private room battle (to play with friends) and custom match. You can also chat with your friends and other players.

That’s all for this list! There’re numerous battleground games available on Google Play Store for Android users but I found these 10 Android games as the most lightweight PUBG alternatives for Android users.

Most of the times, people install PUBG to enjoy the playing this exciting battle game with their friends but the phone starts hanging during the gameplay. So, if you’re also fed up of this and looking for a good lightweight PUBG alternative, here’re some of them.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

7:45 PM

How to Make money Online in India

Hlw friends, Today I can tell you the exact methods that I used to make money online. It took me about 2 months to learn the basics of writing and building website. During the learning period, my earning was zero.


The Internet cannot give you instant money but you can build long term wealth from the internet

1. Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate is similar to running a retail shop. You signup with retailers like Amazon and Flipkart   promote your favorite products on your website and social media to make decent money.

I am discussing affiliate marketing as a separate option because it can fit with any kind of online business, in some scenarios people don’t even own a website but make money through Affiliate marketing.

I simply curated a list of my favorite books and linked to Amazon so that interested people can buy books.

Three people bought on the same day and I earned a small affiliate commission. If someone goes to the amazon website by clicking your link.

2. Earn Online Money from YouTube

You might not know that people are making millions from youtube. Again, not an easy option, but very much doable for anyone who can record & upload videos on a particular topic.

Two kinds of people can make successful YouTube channels, one who make funny & entertaining videos, second who can make highly helpful videos for a niche audience (like students, mothers, housewives, tech geeks).

You can go through our in-depth guide on how to earn money from YouTube, where we have shown examples of successful people who are making money on YouTube, we shared step by step process of making a YouTube channel, how to market & grow your channel, and which tools you may need to create & promote videos.

3.  Start Blogging to Earn Money Online

You can make money from your writing skills in two ways.
Write to someone and make money immediately
Write for yourself and make money slowly, but consistently

That is the difference between a freelance job and owning a business. Your blog can be your online business, it will take some time to build your audience. But once you start earning money from blog, then your blog generate money even when you are sleeping.

I also started my blog in March 2020.

4. Become a Freelancer

If you are a good programmer, designer or marketer then you can find a lot of paid jobs. You just need to be patient and willing to learn more.

You need to have two skills to become a good freelancer. One is your core skill, and the second skill is marketing. If you are not a good marketer, then seek help from an experienced marketer to make your profile. You have to have excellent communication skills to get clients.

I have written two in-depth articles on how to earn up to Rs. 5000 per article as a Freelance writer.

5. Make Money from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

There is no limit on the earning potential through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Hey, I am not cracking jokes. There are people out there who charge as much as 20,000 rupees for just one tweet or Facebook post. Now close your mouth, it’s true.

Here are some of the ways that I am aware of, to earn money through Facebook. I myself paid money directly to admins to promote my content on Facebook pages (not to confuse with Facebook advertisements).

6. Buy & Sell Domains

You may not know but you can rent your website if you have good traffic. I learned this method of making online income when I was working with a client in the real estate domain. Rather than building out his website from scratch, he rented out a website from a guy who already had the traffic, with people interested in buying a home in his local area.

My friend was not interested in buying his website, so he asked to get his website on rent for a few months. He collected the leads by showing his properties on the website. He returned the website back after selling his real estate inventory.

The other option is selling your domain if you have a good SEO score (Domain Authority) or you own a domain with a special name. My favourite social media scheduling company, buffer, bought in $600,000 last year. In a similar way, you can buy expired domains and sell at a higher price to people who need that. Honestly, domain trading business is tricky and you have to be an expert even to start, otherwise, you may lose money.

Note: I own more than 50 domains at this time. I keep on investing in the domains and this year I sold one domain in $15,000 (equivalent to Rs. 10 lakh). When you start working on your online business then you will also learn how to make money from the domain selling.

7. Income from Writing Work

I never thought I will ever become a writer. I started writing for my startup blog and found a connection with words.

Honestly, I was never good at English and still working on improving my grammar. Today, most of my businesses run based on my writing skills.

I learned that formal education is not required to become good at any work.

If you like writing, then just start it. There are many experts available online who are willing to teach you write good copies.

Trust me, many companies are looking for good writers but it is difficult to find writers who write well. You can be the next one. A good writer charges between 5,000 Rs to 20,000 Rs per article.

If you are good at writing:

Then this article can help you earn money through your writing skills.

Note: If you think that you can write well but do not have any clients, then you can send me sample of your work. I do not guarantee any work but I will try my best to get something for you based on your capability.

8. Learn Stock Market Trading

You don’t need any money to start a freelance work but you would need a little money to start your career as a stock trader.

You can earn money online by doing stock trading if you know how to pick the right stock.

I must make you aware that you may lose money in stock trading so better to start with less money and invest more time in learning the basics of stock trading.

I have written an article on intraday stock trading in India for beginners. You can read the article if you want to learn the basics of stock trading.

7:21 AM

How to create Youtube Account

Creating a YouTube account is free, quick, and painless. To create a YouTube account, just submit a few bits of basic information and create a username and password. That’s it — you don’t need to add your street address or phone number,and YouTube doesn’t ask you for a credit card number.

1. Go to and click the Sign Up link.

The Sign Up link is at the top-right of the page. This link takes you to the Create Your YouTube Account page

2. Enter your e-mail address and a password.

You must enter a valid e-mail address to register.

3. Fill in the Re-type Password and Username fields.

It’s a good idea to jot down your username and password in case you forget it.

4. In the Location drop-down list, select the country where you live.

Check out the rest of the list . . . do you know where all those countries are located?

5. Enter your postal code.

This is required only for citizens of the United States, India and Canada.

6. Click to select your gender and enter your date of birth.

Why your date of birth? Because YouTube is very specific in its terms of service that it doesn’t consider itself to be a site that is appropriate for anybody under the age of 13, and it doesn’t allow anybody under that age to register an account.

7. Type the characters (letters and numbers) from the colored box into the Word Verification field.

YouTube wants to confirm that you’re an actual human being and not a computer program creating false registrations. If you can’t read the characters, click the New Image link next to the box to view a different image and color scheme.

8. Check or uncheck the next box with the unwieldy name:

Let others find my channel on YouTube if they have my email address.This gives you some control over who sees your videos.

9. Check the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy box after you read all the legalese.

You don’t need a law degree to understand this “fine print.”

10. Click the Create My Account button.

If you leave any fields empty or if you choose a username that’s taken already, YouTube refreshes the page with red warning notes identifying the fields that need to be corrected before you can register...

 Your Youtube Account Ready .......